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Brit Marling - Sevda Albers for Marie Claire September 2014

Lydia Davis
There are two types of people in this world: the ones who won best dressed in high school and the ones who didn’t. 
A Palestinian girl carried a Kalashnikov rifle on Friday amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City.

John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wearing Jordan Retro 6 & 7 sneakers. 
I like the idea that we can contain our weirdness, but I prefer it when we wear it all over ourselves.
Kelly Oxford, Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar

Don’t get too high and mighty, ladies. Don’t step out of line. Don’t do anything to upset or disappoint men who feel entitled to your time, bodies, affection or attention. Your bared body can always be used as a weapon against you. You bared body can always be used to shame and humiliate you. Your bared body is at once desired and loathed.

Roxane Gay: The Great Naked Celebrity Photo Leak of 2014 is just the beginning (via guardian)

Barflife 2014

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